Albert Alfaro

Namikoshi Shiatsu is a Japanese massage, which includes eastern knowledge and techniques of manipulation, massage and diagnostics for over 5000 years.

Unlike other massages that do not use oils or creams.
Shiatsu is done on comfortable clothes, using the pressure of fingers and hands over the course of the energy meridians of the body, reaching nearly all stimulate acupuncture points.
Shiatsu has immediate effect. The pressure and stretching stimulates circulation by releasing tension and toxins, remembering our physical body and emotional state of good health. Thus recovering our capacity for self-healing.

Shiatsu works simultaneously levels:

  • Physical (sciatica, contractures …)
  • Bio – energy (fatigue, pain, depression …)
  • Physiological (toxins, circulation, lymphatic …)
  • Emotional (nerves, anxiety, stress, patterns …)

The full Shiatsu massage session lasts an hour.
It works your back, legs, neck, arms, hands, feet, head, face, chest and abdomen.
This complete and precise work on the body coupled with the rhythmic quality and meditative session carried the person receiving Shiatsu a deep state of relaxation and reconnection with the natural state of man’s own peace.