Imagine an exercise program in which you stay completely relaxed with a sense of physical and mental well-being. The Pilates Method does all this and more.

Developed in the last century by the German Joseph H. Pilates. He described it as “the art and science of the coordinated development of body, mind and spirit through a series of natural movements carried out under the strict control of the will.”

In our center we designed classes to exercise to the maximum extent each voluntary muscle-motor. The essence of our philosophy is that every brain cell is trained to cooperate with the others.

J.H. Pilates designed more than 500 exercises to develop the body evenly, correct posture, regenerate vitality, invigorate the mind and raise the spirit.

The Pilates Method is based on six essential principles: THE CONTROL (movements directed by the mind), THE CENTER (strengthening of the physical center from which all movements proceed), CONCENTRATION (attention to movements), BREATHING The pure blood flow), THE FLUIDITY (ordinary and easy movements, without abruptness) and PRECISION (perfect movements).

The method combines the best of Eastern and Western traditions, merging body and mind into a unity in which both sides work in complete harmony.

The Eastern philosophy of the exercise represents the calm, the man centered and complete, the stretching, the lightness. The Western focuses on movement, muscle toning, strength. Joseph H. Pilates joined these two paths into his method.

“Fitness is the first requirement for happiness” J.H. Pilates.