What is Tian Gong?

Tiang Gong is an energy therapy created in China at the end of the eighties by the then Chi Gong practitioner, Letian Shi Fu. This new technique created by Shi Fu combines physical and respiratory exercises with the goal of channeling and balancing the energy of the body through the sky.
In fact, the origin of his name is a contraction of Tian Zhong Qi Gong which means “celestial bell” because of the importance that the forces of heaven have for the creator of this energy therapy, which serve to unlock physical and psychic problems and restore the Health.
For me, Tian Gong is in China as yoga in India. One of the series that I like to practice now in the spring is DETOXING, REGULATING OVERWEIGHT AND PHYSICAL HEALTH: “LA GOLONDRINA CELESTIAL”. Every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. you can come and practice in open groups.

What is the Tian Gong based on?

The Tiang Gong is a variant of another Chinese therapeutic technique already mentioned, the Qi Gong that means control of the energy. It is an age-old therapy within traditional Chinese medicine.
Difference between Qi Gong and Tian Gong

The Tian Gong is one of the most followed variants of Qi Gong, which has about 20 variants of greater or lesser follow-up.
The difference between the two is that the Tian Gong, according to its creator and followers, has exercises and techniques more adapted to modern life that allow an easier and faster connection, compared to the techniques of Chi Gong created thousands of years ago .
According to Letian Shi Fu, this was achieved after studying more than 15 variants of this school knowing firsthand the best techniques to reach that connection, with the most efficient celestial energy that achieves the Tian Gong.

Other features

In addition, their practitioners assert that the Tian Gong exercises are designed to develop human potential to the fullest extent, deepening the level of awareness and personal fulfillment.
Also their methods facilitate that the practitioner designs his own selection of exercises to benefit or to enhance some aspect according to the necessity or personal situation.
How the practice of Tian Gong can help

According to his followers helps the body to unlock energy points that produce diseases and moods and unwanted mental. Therefore it would be beneficial for any ailment because it would prepare the body to assume the best possible way the problem and recover its better state of health within its possibilities.
In addition to relaxing the nervous system also tones the muscles improving motor and, in turn, relieving stress and states of excitement in general.
Contraindications of Tian Gong

The Tian Gong does not have contraindications since the exercises can be adapted to the possibilities of each person, as long as no medical treatment is eliminated for finding improvement of the symptoms. This should be done by the doctor when you see fit after checking the degree of improvement.

Where to practice?

In Spain there are very few places that know this technique. Zaragoza, Canarias, Ciutadella de Menorca, … (Shaktioga, C / Gabriel Martí i Bella, 9, tel 971384871, next to the vegetarian and vegan restaurant).